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Parent Strategies

Every parent begins their family with hopes and dreams for the little children with whom God blesses us.  But it doesn’t take long for those same children to become the source of our most frustrated and impotent moments.  How is it that this kid who I love so much can also elicit such anger? When did my little boy or girl turn into this thing that no longer seems to care about me at all?

Sound familiar? Don’t worry.  All parents have those moments where we feel weak, or unprepared, or sometimes downright incompetent.  And those wonderful little…creatures… that God blessed you with will take advantage of all those moments.  Its not your fault.  Remember, they didn’t come with a manual.

When you feel like you need more, call us.  We would like to help you and we are passionate about the parenting journey.  We are overjoyed to help parents all across West Michigan tap into that Joy that you first experienced when you first started your family.  It can be done well.  It can be fun.  Call us!