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Professional Therapy for Children in Holland, MI

At Whitney Counseling, we understand the many challenges that children may face as they grow and navigate the world around them, and our dedicated therapists are here to provide expert therapy for children. We’ve been helping children throughout Holland, Michigan, flourish for years, and we would love to work with you and your family next.

Our Child-Centered Approach

We recognize that each child is unique, and we tailor our therapy for children to meet their specific needs. Our compassionate therapists take a child-centered approach, creating a safe and supportive space for children to express themselves. We are happy to address various issues that may arise during a child’s formative years, including:

  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Developmental milestones
  • School-related challenges

Incorporating Christian Values

Whitney Counseling is also proud to offer therapy for children that incorporates Christian values and principles. Our faith-based approach ensures that your child receives not only evidence-based therapy but also guidance that aligns with your family's beliefs.

Get the Support Your Child Needs Today

For professional therapy and counseling for children in Holland, MI, turn to the experienced therapists at Whitney Counseling. Our caring and compassionate team is dedicated to helping your child overcome challenges, build resilience, and lead a happy, fulfilling life. Your child's well-being is our top priority. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and help your child take the first step toward a brighter future. We look forward to working with you.