Fathers Day: A Day For Your Kids

Happy Fathers Day!  What did you get?  A card?  A tie?  A spatula for grilling? I woke up bright and early to both my kids and my wife jumping on the bed shouting at me to “wake up!”.  (Thanks, kids.)  I dragged myself to a sitting position and tried to get the sleep out of my eyes.  I could barely make out three figures in front of me grinning like idiots and realized that I would rather sleep at this particular moment.  But, somewhere in my early morning, sleep-induced haze, I also realized that this moment isn’t just about me.  Yeah.  Fathers Day isn’t just about me. My son, insisted he go first, and handed me a very large wrapped gift and a card.  I opened the gift first, because I’m mature that way, and was wonderfully pleased to find a poster of Captain America!  Awesome!  Then I read the card and was just a pleased to find some heart-felt and humorous words from my son.  Next was my daughter.  She handed me a very large wrapped gift and a card, which also turned out to be a poster of The Avengers!  Awesome again!  And a card with her darling handwriting wrapping down the side of the paper, telling me she loved me.  Again, present and card from my wife, also awesome!  I thanked them all.  Hugs all around. Then they told me we had cake!  Which was quickly followed by the request to eat it.  Now.  For breakfast.  Like any good father, I immediately said, “Yeah!  Lets eat it for breakfast.”  My daughter decided that forks and plates were for chumps, so she took a handful of cake right off the top, which resulted in cake-snorting-hilarious-laughter and no small amount of mess.  Happy dogs day for Charlie our dog to clean up. The point of all this?  I’m not simply telling you about my Father’s Day.  To all my fellow Dad’s out there:  Have fun.  Instigate fun with your kids.  Roll with the unexpected antics of your kids.  Because this Day that honors you, isn’t just about you.  Its about how your kids will remember you.  Its about what kind of legacy you will leave.  Father’s Day is about how you show your kids appreciation of life.  Its about how you model to them the importance of relationships, servant-leadership, and zest for life.  Most of all, its how much you appreciate them for making you a Dad.  Remember that Fathers Day is also about your kids.